Thursday, 6 May 2010


So today's wordlive was all about excuses. Moses was up the mountain with God, and he left Aaron with the people and they moaned and forgot about God. They asked Aaron to make them an idol and he made a golden calf. When Moses got back he was less than impressed with the whole situation! He pulled Aaron up about it, but Aaron decided that he would pass the blame, he said he only did what the people wanted. That he threw their gold jewellery into the fire and a golden calf came out. Never mind the fact that Aaron made the calf! He agreed to what the people asked! He was left in charge and he messed up.

I've messed up loads, I've messed up relationships, I've messed up in work, I've messed up with God big time! And lots of the time I know that I'm just like Aaron. Its someone else's fault, I only did it because of this or that. No! We have to own up to our mistakes! Accept the responsibility, be honest, and own up! Easier said than done at times! But we have to try to keep ourselves in check, reflect on our actions, reflect on our motives, reflect on what actually happened. Sometimes we can kid ourselves. Sometimes we can even kid others. But one thing is certain - we can never ever kid God. 

That got me onto thinking about what I hide from other people. Sometimes its the way I feel or what I think. And  then that got me wondering why I do that. Sometimes its because I think its stupid or embarrassing, sometimes I just think its best not to say anything. Sometimes its because I'm annoyed at a person or thing. And sometimes its because it really hurts and I don't want to have to deal with it.

I think that's the most common one! And I think that's also the most dangerous one! All these things I choose not to deal with end up getting stored up. Put in the loft in the hope that they will be forgotten about or dealt with later. And they don't go away! They just wait up there in the loft. Waiting for other things to be added. Or waiting for the loft to become so full that it will overspill and I will be forced to look, and forced to do something to clear up the mess!

So I'm thinking I should try and deal with things at the time! Accept responsibility, see things as they are and as God would see them. Be honest with other people. But most of all be honest with God. As challenging as that is! Because He is the only one who can show you the right way to deal with your mistakes, your hurts and your loft issues!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Welcome! As I've said life is all about how you see the world! And this blogg is going to be how I see life . . . One big journey! Will you walk with me a while?

Last year I came across a quote that has stayed with me: 
"Life is a journey, God is my guide, we travel together side by side"

It's not always easy and it certainly doesn't always feel like God is beside me, when things go wrong, when challenges come up sometimes it can feel like I'm walking alone. But feelings can't always be trusted! I know that God promises to never leave me, even in the tough times, even when I feel lost and alone and like I don't know where I'm heading. God's there, every step of the way! And sometimes we just need reminded of that!

I feel like I'm in a place right now where God is reminding me of that. Reminding me that I have to put Him first. Reminding me that I have to trust Him. I don't really know where I'm heading just now, and I don't really know why, but I know that I have to depend on Him or I won't make it! Things are tough just now. I don't have direction, or a plan for the future, and it seems like most things I think I know are being shaken up! Relationships aren't right, people aren't who I thought they were, things aren't going to my plan, even things that I know are good are difficult! But . . .  I know that God will be using all of this for good. There's things I have to learn, things I have to change, and then one day I know that I will get to reflect on what God has taught me through the tough stuff!

Gemma, my Gem of a mother figure, tells me in the tough times not to look at situations and problems but just to focus on God. And hard as it is,  I know she's right! Looking at all the things that aren't right gets me down and the only thing that will keep me going is God, His work and keeping focused on Him. Don't let the enemy distract you with what isn't right in your life, just refocus on God and battle on through with Him. Gem is right as usual!

Time to go refocus!

Light and Dark

Main things that make up our existence, light and dark, day and night, good and evil. Light is portrayed as good, safe, comforting, life even. Dark is death, evil, scary and unsettling. Life is a balance between these things. The good and the bad, the happy and the sad. And of course all the inbetweens.
Its all about how you see things. . . . This blog will hopefully be an account of how I see things. Hopefully there will be glimpses of the glorious beauty of the world as well as bits of the twisted evil, and of course random thoughts and quotes. Its all about the journey.

We all see the same world but we all see it differently!